About Promise Christian Preschool

Our Philosophy

It is our promise that we will provide age-appropriate educational programs that will encourage each child to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially in a loving and caring environment.

The purpose of Christian education is to direct the process of human development toward God’s objective for all: Godliness of character and action. The goal of godly character and action will be reached by teaching each child: that they are personally known and loved by God; that they may know God through Jesus Christ; and how they can conform to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

Our motivation is to achieve excellence in academic curriculum, Biblical knowledge, physical and motivational development, and social and emotional maturity by involvement and by giving young children room to grow.

Our Story

Promise Preschool was founded in 1992 by Covenant Presbyterian Church as an outreach of the church to the local community. In 2008, Promise Preschool became incorporated under the name Promise Christian Preschool as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The preschool was located on Baseline and Indian Peaks Drive in Lafayette for 24 years until the rented space for Promise was purchased in 2016. The relocation process took time and Promise Christian Preschool had to close its doors for two years. In 2019, Promise relocated within the building of Boulder Valley Church of Christ on 76th Street in Boulder. We couldn’t be more thankful for their partnership! We are grateful to be located where we can serve the Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, and Superior area. ​

Our Mission

It is our promise that we will provide age-appropriate educational programs that will encourage each child to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and socially in a loving and caring environment.

Our Preschool exists for the primary purpose of glorifying God through Christian education of children three through five years of age.

State Licensing

Promise Christian Preschool is licensed by the State of Colorado – The Division of Child Care of The Colorado Department of Human Services.

​State licensing governs the health, safety, discipline, programming, buildings/facilities, equipment, and personnel requirements. A copy of the Rules Regulating Child Care Centers and licensing records are available for review in the preschool office. The current license is posted at the student sign in table.

Parent Testimonials

“When my daughter started Promise, it felt like home. The teachers, director and board members put their heart and soul into this place. My child grew not only academically, but in Spirit and confidence in the Lord. Promise is more than a preschool. It is a village of other adults who love, care, and believe in your child as much as you do.” -Kayla Maxey

“My daughter attended Promise for two years. We absolutely loved it there! It has a small family feel and it was such a blessing to our family. The Director is great and we loved the teachers. Most importantly my daughter loved it and had so much fun there. I loved to hear what she learned. I highly recommend it.” -Elizabeth Baumgarten

“Promise Christian Preschool was an amazing experience for all three of my children. Promise has the most caring and loving teachers and director. We love that the curriculum is Bible-based so our kids could get a solid foundation of the Truth at a young age. I think it has developed their character and it has given them a confidence in their faith and beliefs.”  -Andrea Kraft

“My son loved his two years at Promise Preschool! He entered kindergarten ready to succeed both academically and socially. The Biblical teaching incorporated into his learning and play was what we appreciated most about Promise!” -Jessica Wicks